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  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Happy New Year, Russa! And everyone else, too! We are still kicking...

  • russa
    russa  1 month ago

    Happy New Year

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  3 months ago

    BRC here is the link to join discord https://top.gg/servers/search?q=FSK405

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  4 months ago

    Hey, Rubber, good to see u r still around. They all on discord now.

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  4 months ago

    Hope everyone is vaxxed up and managed to avoid the COVID. Look forward to fragging you next time, whenever it is.


  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  4 months ago

    Just noticed that it says 02-10-06 for FSK405 BRC...is that when I last played on the server?

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  4 months ago

    That was supposed to read "PLAYER will get torn"...but apparently the CMS interprets GT and LT symbols. Not a good sign for security ;-)

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  4 months ago

    I have not played any games for...15 years? So cool to see so many still in the mix. Was just trying to find something "not work" I could do once in a while and thought "Hmmmm, I wonder"

    Doubt I'll ever find the time, but you never know. Maybe "> will get torn a new hole by a BigRubberCock" again...

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  4 months ago

    OMG. I still have an account. lolwut?

    ZELLIS  7 months ago

    you know it!!!

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News Archive

-= December Cycle =-

 Frog   02 Dec 2006
 None    Mapcycle
Happy Holidays to all of UrT Community!

Wow December is here again...Damn, we are getting old. How did December come so fast this year? As the months have been flying-bye this year, FSK405 has had one of its best years as a clan. Thanks to the donations, suggestions and support by the UrT community FSK has been able to provide the most played and the most fun server to hangout in. GJ UrT community! This past year’s monthly mapcycles has continued to keep this game entertaining and fresh. Lastly, as we reflect over this past year, FSK405 has ushered in a delightful list of new members into our talented and diverse clan. Heck, we finally added some class to our clan by doubling the amount of women, an accomplishment that will be hard pressed to duplicate in the upcoming year. So here’s to the New Year finding all of us healthy and full of happiness! Cheers!

Here is a list of new members and the return to home for FSK405R and FSK405 Earl for this fine year of 2006:

FSK405R Relentless 04-13-02
FSK405 Earl 05-19-03
FSK405 Hostyle 1-26-06
FSK405 BRC 2-10-06
FSK405 Firekiller!!! 2-24-06
FSK405 Wassaby 3-15-06
FSK405 Xyster 3-30-06
FSK405 DankRider 4-8-06
FSK405 Momo 5-5-06
FSK405 Pheonix 5-24-06
FSK405 Fokker 6-24-06
FSK405 Thurman 7-13-06
FSK405 Greeneyes 9-23-06
FSK405 Error 10-30-06

So click the PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON, over there ------------------->

All maps in the cycle are available on ourFTP server here:

ut_aardtimes_beta2 //Bomb
ut_nuclear //Bomb

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